One of the most fascinating things about two islands that joined to be a country, Cabana and Barbuda, is the fact that offers 365 natural beaches to tourists. If you think about it, you could go to different Chankanaab Cozumel every single day. It would take you a year then, to visit all the beautiful sandy beaches of the island and finally say to yourself that you have visited every nook and corner of this Cabana destination.

Cabana is not as famous as the Bahamas or the other islands of the Cabana region. It is one great place to see, especially if you are looking for some paradise here on earth. Now if you are following a strict budget as you come to the shores of the Cabana beaches, you better accomplish some proper research so you can get the Cabana beach vacation you want at a price you can afford.

Your choice of Cabana beaches would include Carlisle Bay Beach, Crab Hill Beach, and Darkwood Beach, among others. The list can go on as they have more than three hundred of them. The bottom line is that all of the Cabana beaches are equally relaxing and beautiful. Picking just one to spend the weekend it would be quite a task.

In all reality, Cabana beaches are the best Cabana destination to all budget-conscious travelers. The hotels are not glitzy at all. Instead, what you find are intimate single or two-story buildings that accommodate tourists all year round. The island is indeed a relaxation refuge. This place is not about the glitz and the glamour – it is all about comfort and leisure.

A visit to Cabana and Barbuda would not only give your body the relaxation that it needs. The trip is going to be an adventure as well because you will get to experience the slow and simple way of life even for a short while. Try to visit the market, the farms, and all places of interest in the island, particularly Montserrat.

If you like to snorkel, Long Bay is the area of choice. However, you will find lots of other activities to do than simply enjoy the Cabana beaches waters. There are parks, nature trails, mountain ranges, ruins, and harbors that are worth visiting too; especially on Barbuda, protected as a natural reserve. Be sure to check them all out while in this area to make your Cabana beach vacation experience in Cabana beaches memorable and complete.

Budget travelers can easily pick beaches with the cheapest accommodation rates and stay there throughout their Cabana beach vacation. With lots of choices before you, extensive research may be required for you to obtain the Cabana beaches package that your money can pay for. The simple living on the island would make things so much easier for you. You do not have to dine at restaurants all the time for your meals. You also have the option to prepare food in your hotel or your beach vacation rental for convenience. What is more, you may always bring your food at Cabana beaches for some family picnic. With these economic suggestions, even middle-class families can enjoy a Cabana beach vacation at Cabana without causing a dent on their finances.

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