When you have short, curly hair you spend less time on your hair than your straight-haired friends. And the freedom to let your hair air-dry and look awesome is wonderful.  But when it’s time to shake it up, there are some great short curly haircuts that really make your curls pop and stand out in a crowd.


Fun, Fabulous Haircuts for Short Curly Hair

If you’ve learned to love your curls, you know that having curly hair is amazing.  The trick is to find the style and cut that works with your particular type of curl otherwise you will yearn for straight hair that seems to allow you more control.  There are so many styles for short curly hair you are sure to find one that works for you.

  1. Curly Shag
    This super easy style is a medium length and has lots of layers.  Air dry if you have the time, or blow dry with a diffuser to keep those curly locks looking their best.
  2. Rosy, Textured Bob
    For short curly hair with some texture, add a rose tint to add interest and a whimsical flair to this style.
  3. Curly Pixie
    Use your natural curl and the shape of your head for a short, curly pixie.  This look draws attention to your face and natural silhouette.
  4. Modern Bouncy Bob
    Show off your natural, healthy curls with a blunt cut to the ends of this bob.  Hydrate those curls and apply a curl defining product, then let them dry naturally for the best look.
  5. Layered Bob
    Great for curly hair, the layers in a bob give you a wash and go style.  Remember to apply a hydrating product to help those curls along.
  6. Feminine Piecey Pixie
    Naturally framing the face with your curls, this style has a soft, sexy appearance while allowing your curls to flow.
  7. Foxy Undercut
    This asymmetrical undercut has loads of volume on top and a classic undercut in back. The side-swept bangs and curl create an alluring, romantic appearance with all of those curls.
  8. The Glunge
    Part glamor part grunge, this sharp line bob with smokey roots under bright highlights is a stunning style for your short curly hair.
  9. Curly Fringe Shag
    Get a great shape and wonderful movement by adding layers to your curly ‘do.  Then add in some fringy bang for a full, intriguing look.
  10. Short Curly Bob
    With maximum curls and gorgeous shape, the back is tapered like a pixie cut while longer curls frame the face.  A deep part on the side adds some height to the style.
  11. Unkept Precision
    Shorter in the back and tapering to a longer length in front and around the face, this style really shows off the shape of your style and your big curls.
  12. Voluminous Curls
    With lots of texture and a 90 degree cut, this full body, up-to-date style has a beautiful; shape.  The motion and flow of the curls compliment the shape of the head and face.

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