Mid Fade Haircuts We All Want to Copy

Probably you have tried low fade and high fades. If neither of these two styles looked great on you, then you may want to try mid fade on Menshaircuts.com styles. It could be the right haircut for you. The styles fall somewhere above your neck and below the temples. The mid fade haircuts raise your hairline for a theatrical effect.

The mid skin fade melts at the upper half side accentuating the top hair. The hair on top can be further styled in whichever way you want but ensure it remains the medium length for impact. Browse down to see some of the classic mid fade men’s haircuts we have listed for your consideration.

  1. Medium Fade and A Sweep Back

With a dramatic taper, this mid fade shows a lot more than the skin. For men with tattoos, using a haircut to show off the ink can transform your look significantly. The fade is usually curved instead of styling it across following the natural hairline.

  1. Side Part Hairstyle and Mid Fade

This medium fade is a modern inclusion to the regular side part haircut. The key to maintaining your hair from sticking up is allowing enough length right before the taper and adding a touch of product.

  1. Texture and Medium Bald Fade

You can enhance texture in the taper fade by contrasting platinum against dark hair. Utilised as the canvas for light hair design, this mid-fade also incorporates an upward arc before ending around the back.

  1. High Top and Mid Fade

This is a great mid fade haircut for black men. It works perfectly with almost all haircuts from short to medium to long. The top hair is rounded to give a cool feel.

The precise angle of the fade complements the hair at the top, accentuating the boldly styled lines of this beautiful style.

  1. Pomp Fade with A Hard Part

Pompadour is a typical haircut that gets its modern look from the inclusion of a fade. The bald fade gradually tapers from hair to clean skin to make a quality blend. Besides, the shaved area is yet another glam update to this cute style.

  1. Medium Fade and Long Top

Since long hairstyles and medium-length haircuts with long hair at the top are too common, you can incorporate the both for some cool style. This faded mid cut, with shape up hair and thick spiked hair is fashionable and modern.

  1. Mid Fade with Short Hair

Fades can be included in any length of the hair. This medium fade with short hair gives a clear taper and thick, textured style. Swept up and at the back, this haircut is trendy and classy.

 Though the top hair trends are popular, men always have a choice for a short haircut. This medium fade with and short hair is always on trend.

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