Madonna has sealed her status as one of the most revered artists in history. Her career as an internationally distinguished superstar has traversed the last four decades.

It is true that her music is what she is most popularly known for all over the world -nevertheless, that is not the only thing. Her influence on global fashion trends cannot be ignored and has gained ground over the years since the first time she took over the spotlight on the world stage.

While Madonna has rocked several iconic looks at different stages, it is easier to think of her wedding dress outfit for her ‘Like a Virgin’ performance at the MTV Awards in 1984, the cone bra that she put on during her Blonde Ambition Tour in Japan in 1990. Also, her multiple tributes to Marilyn Monroe come to mind.

Madonna used her style to portray her identity in an entirely fresh concept when she first rocked the scene. She has equally turned heads and sparked conversations in the world of fashion, but her influence is more than just that. You could see it in the way the world attempted to replicate her leather jacket, large hair bow, affluence of jewellery and loose-fitting trousers, right after her first major movie ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in 1985.

Her grit was apparent right from her first meeting with her former publicist, Liz Rosenberg, who admitted that she oozed confidence while donning a signature “black outfit with a hundred rubber bracelets on each wrist”.

Madonna is popular for the way she represented reinvention, rebellion and change. Her style has always been inventive, evolving while her outfit choices always told a different story since the 80s. The way she blended her outfit choices with her identity distinguished her from the crowd and motivated her fans to dig into their own evolving identities in the process. Thanks to Madonna, her fans have more liberty to test out different versions of themselves, just like their icon.

Asides influencing the punk pop look in the 1980s, she brought old-school Hollywood glamour to the Oscars in 1991, appeared casual in her ‘American Pie’ rendition, and displayed her royalty in haute couture designs for her Super Bowl half-time show in 2012.

The modern age of social media hasn’t known much more influential individuals, with Madonna’s followers spanning over 11 million on Instagram, 2 million on Twitter, and 18 million on Facebook.

Her bold sense of style, as well as her chameleon-like ability has impacted 80’s fashion trends overtime.

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