In the cold dark winter months, the thought of going out can often be unappealing. Staying stylish doesn’t always have to leave the house. And what better way to enjoy fashion than from the comfort of your own home (probably with a hot drink and a box of chocolates).


Pyjamas are a trend that have taken the fashion runways by storm. Creating a fashion statement out of your night time routine is a trend you can’t miss out on. This season brings you an array of festive patterns and cosy styles of womens sleepwear that is a forever expanding category. Sleepwear is also a perfect stocking filler gift for friends and family. If the thought of sleeping in a full set of pyjamas has you feeling hot and flustered, then investing in some designer lingerie is a great way to stay stylish yet comfortable in bed. Again, this is a great gift for a loved on this Christmas.


Cable knit boots are a great way of keeping your feet toasty and warm as well as looking super cute and trendy, particularly paired with a fresh set of winter pyjamas. These are also super good value for money. The faux fur lining is designed to offer maximum comfort and warmth. The rubber sole makes them more durable whilst offering some support to the ankle and grip when walking on hard flooring. If the boot slipper isn’t for you then why not try the ballerina slipper. These are super soft and easy to slip into and quickly mould to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort.


Face masks are super popular this year with an abundance of brands hitting the drugstores. No matter what your skin type, you are sure to find on that caters to your needs. If, like most people, your skin becomes increasingly dry as a result of the cold temperatures, then investing in a hydrating face mask is a good way to restore your skin with moisture leaving it feeling super soft and healthy. If you wish to save some money, there are numerous DIY face mask recipes online that work just as effective.  A particularly effective method is by mashing up a banana into a smooth paste and gently apply to the face and neck. Let it set for up to 20 minutes then rinse of with cold water.

Night gown

Nothing says cosy quite like a dressing gown. Topshop offer a range of dressing gowns with unique style and patterns. They are also made out of a super soft material, softer than any blanket you own, so you are sure to feel cosy this Christmas. The best thing about a dressing gown is the chocolate you can stash in the large pockets, perfect for when you’re sat in front of the TV.

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