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What’s So Special about Pink Diamonds?

It seems like every woman loves diamonds, but there are so many different types, styles, cuts, and carats that choosing the right one can be tricky. More and more women are turning to pink diamonds when shopping for jewellery, so it’s time to learn what sets these stones apart from others on the market.

Image Source: Pixabay

Men who are shopping for a diamond for their significant other have a lot of decisions to make before they buy anything. Even if they have only thought about traditional colourless diamonds, pink diamonds are becoming incredibly popular. Understanding what makes them so special will help you decide whether or not they are the right choice for you to buy.

They’re Rare

One reason why pink diamonds are so popular is because they are incredibly rare. They are mined less frequently than colourless diamonds are, which means that they are much harder to find in stores and are not available as frequently as colourless diamonds are. While there are other coloured diamonds to choose from, pink diamonds are popular in part because it is so difficult to find one, especially in the size and cut that you want.

They’re Worth More

When compared to colourless diamonds, pink diamonds actually cost more. This is due in part to their popularity and how difficult they are to find, but it also serves to make them even more desirable to many people. Because of their higher value per carat, they have become a very popular and … Read More


The custom of thanking in a wedding

It is customary at a wedding that the bride and groom offer a small gift to their guests to thank them for their presence. Then the question: what gift to choose and how to find the best option? In this article, we guide you in your research, follow these tips:

Start by drawing ideas on the Internet

Go to sites specializing in wedding gifts: it’s the quickest and easiest way to find out what kind of gifts make you happy, know the price, compare them to each other and get a sense of different possibilities. You may always choose to buy the Cheap Custom Gifts from the online stores.

Get inspiration from other people

Think about the wedding gifts you’ve received and enjoyed, ask people around you who are getting married what their ideas are, check out ideas on our forum, and feel free to ask the couple who have chosen a theme wedding similar to yours what was their choice!

Ask the opinion of other guests

Find out from your family what wedding gifts have been offered to them and which ones have had the most success. You can also ask the question on a forum devoted to marriage: this first survey will surely guide you in your research. Choosing Custom Power Bank has become incredibly easy with the web portals.

Set a budget

As soon as possible, ask yourself about the budget for guest gifts as it will condition your research: how much do you want to spend … Read More


Mid Fade Haircuts We All Want to Copy

Mid Fade Haircuts We All Want to Copy

Probably you have tried low fade and high fades. If neither of these two styles looked great on you, then you may want to try mid fade on styles. It could be the right haircut for you. The styles fall somewhere above your neck and below the temples. The mid fade haircuts raise your hairline for a theatrical effect.

The mid skin fade melts at the upper half side accentuating the top hair. The hair on top can be further styled in whichever way you want but ensure it remains the medium length for impact. Browse down to see some of the classic mid fade men’s haircuts we have listed for your consideration.

  1. Medium Fade and A Sweep Back

With a dramatic taper, this mid fade shows a lot more than the skin. For men with tattoos, using a haircut to show off the ink can transform your look significantly. The fade is usually curved instead of styling it across following the natural hairline.

  1. Side Part Hairstyle and Mid Fade

This medium fade is a modern inclusion to the regular side part haircut. The key to maintaining your hair from sticking up is allowing enough length right before the taper and adding a touch of product.

  1. Texture and Medium Bald Fade

You can enhance texture in the taper fade by contrasting platinum against dark hair. Utilised as the canvas for light hair design, this mid-fade also incorporates an upward arc before … Read More


How to Stay Stylish at Home

In the cold dark winter months, the thought of going out can often be unappealing. Staying stylish doesn’t always have to leave the house. And what better way to enjoy fashion than from the comfort of your own home (probably with a hot drink and a box of chocolates).


Pyjamas are a trend that have taken the fashion runways by storm. Creating a fashion statement out of your night time routine is a trend you can’t miss out on. This season brings you an array of festive patterns and cosy styles of womens sleepwear that is a forever expanding category. Sleepwear is also a perfect stocking filler gift for friends and family. If the thought of sleeping in a full set of pyjamas has you feeling hot and flustered, then investing in some designer lingerie is a great way to stay stylish yet comfortable in bed. Again, this is a great gift for a loved on this Christmas.


Cable knit boots are a great way of keeping your feet toasty and warm as well as looking super cute and trendy, particularly paired with a fresh set of winter pyjamas. These are also super good value for money. The faux fur lining is designed to offer maximum comfort and warmth. The rubber sole makes them more durable whilst offering some support to the ankle and grip when walking on hard flooring. If the boot slipper isn’t for you then why not try the ballerina slipper. These are super soft … Read More


Using Wig as Replacement for Hair Loss

Wigs today in Singapore, are durable and wearable hair in replacement for a large amount of hair loss or short hair. Partial hair loss on the head may not necessarily need for a customer to buy a wig, therefore if partial coverage is needed you can check on different types of wigs for hair that suits your taste and you will find varieties of hairpiece Singapore.

There are different types of wigs in Singapore that can be attached to any affected part by hair loss, the various types of hair pieces which can be used to cover the full top can be top pieces and large base or the top part is a top piece with small base or for the front which is fringes and bangs. These Singapore hair wigs are used to cover the isolated area with hair, these hair quality wigs also clipped-in provide extra coverage right where you want it and make your hair looks fuller.

These wigs come in varieties of color, length, and sizes. They have sensitive clips that allow them to blend into your own hair, with the right pressure on the clip they seem to fall into the right place. These quality wigs have all these in common compared to wigs.

The base of these high-quality wigs varies and it is important because the larger the base, the more it provides good coverage. Because of their monofilament feature when it comes to the size of the base, which gives an elusive … Read More