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Spectacular Styles for Short Curly Haircuts

When you have short, curly hair you spend less time on your hair than your straight-haired friends. And the freedom to let your hair air-dry and look awesome is wonderful.  But when it’s time to shake it up, there are some great short curly haircuts that really make your curls pop and stand out in a crowd.

Fun, Fabulous Haircuts for Short Curly Hair

If you’ve learned to love your curls, you know that having curly hair is amazing.  The trick is to find the style and cut that works with your particular type of curl otherwise you will yearn for straight hair that seems to allow you more control.  There are so many styles for short curly hair you are sure to find one that works for you.

  1. Curly Shag
    This super easy style is a medium length and has lots of layers.  Air dry if you have the time, or blow dry with a diffuser to keep those curly locks looking their best.
  2. Rosy, Textured Bob
    For short curly hair with some texture, add a rose tint to add interest and a whimsical flair to this style.
  3. Curly Pixie
    Use your natural curl and the shape of your head for a short, curly pixie.  This look draws attention to your face and natural silhouette.
  4. Modern Bouncy Bob
    Show off your natural, healthy curls with a blunt cut to the ends of this bob.  Hydrate those curls and apply a curl defining product, then let them dry naturally
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Stylish brides can buy lots of wedding dresses instantly

Stylish brides can buy lots of wedding dresses instantly

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Preferred destination for wedding gowns and other dresses

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How to Build a Wardrobe Closet

How to Build a Wardrobe Closet

As a fashion enthusiast, if you have not already, you will eventually run out of places for all your outfits. What can you do to create more space in your place for all your fashion pieces? Do you start getting rid of the outfits you don’t wear anymore or do you create more space? Since trends come and gone and then come back again I say you create more space. There is help for you and it comes in the form of you building a bigger closet. Anyone with any type of skill level can put together an awesome fashion filled wardrobe closet. All you need is a little bit of inspiration, time and access to some supplies and resources. According to a handyman article, you can gain lots of extra space if you take some of the unused space that you currently have and allocate it into the space you need. Not only will you wind up with a great place for your apparel, but you will also have room for your shoe collection, hats, belts, and other fashionable pieces as well. According to an article, the need to create space and use it wisely is essential for everyone living in the twenty-first century due to our bad habits of collecting too much stuff and in your case, too many clothes. Once you identify a space for your new closet, all you have to do is plan it right and you can have more space for all those … Read More